Using Your Stockpile

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We did 2 shopping trips during the entire month of March (except 2 quick $10 mini-trips to get fresh items like milk and fresh produce). It was really nice to just use the things in our stockpile- especially since money is really tight for us right now. We spent $264.50 OOP during the month of March. That averages $66/week and $8.84/day. Our home feeds me, my husband, my 6 month old baby, the guy that rents a room from us, a few times a week my father in law come over for dinner. I’m pretty happy with that daily average! And I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but we rarely eat out. I never do, unless may once every couple months my hubby and I will go out for an “expensive” $20-$30 dinner date. My husband packs a lunch to bring with him to work every day. We are always so surprised when we go out to eat anywhere and a meal costs $15 per person. We keep thinking about how that much money could feed our entire family for 2 full days! 

Anyway, getting off subject…lol. The point I set out to make is that it’s great to stockpile when you find amazing deals on stuff. There are so many benefits to it. But you don’t have to do it constantly. You don’t have to stockpile every single great deal out there. It’s nice to take a couple weeks off and just eat through some of the things you have. You can save even more money by not shopping at all! 

Anthony’s Pasta Coupons

Anthony’s Pasta goes on sale all the time for about $1. I came across a printable coupon for save $1. I just got a bunch of free pasta from Vons yesterday, but today was the last day of the sale. Starting tomorrow, they will be on sale at Albertsons (So. California) for $1. If you don’t have a Albertson’s near you, print a bunch a hold on to them til you find a sale to match it with. Coupon expires 2/22/11. And the best part is you can print a ton of coupons cuz they don’t put a printing limit on it. This is a good time to stock up on free pasta! If you have never tried stockpiling before, this is a great first item to start with. They last over a year. So go get yourself a bunch of free pasta. 
Has anyone come across any free  (or super cheap) pasta sauce deals to go along with our giant stockpile of pasta?

My Stockpile

Remember I showed you the new pantry I bought?

Well here it is, all stuffed full of my stockpile of food and other household products.

Ignore the crappy cell phone quality picture. I was so excited I just wanted to quickly get this online to show you guys!
Most of the items in their I bought between 60-80% off with sales and coupons. There’s a lot I got for free too! When I find amazing deals on things that don’t expire for a while, I buy a whole bunch so I never end up spending full price! I love knowing that if we go through a time where we don’t have as much money, I can avoid grocery shopping for a few months (except for fresh items like dairy products and produce). We also plan on securing the cabinet to the wall and putting some sort of cabinet lock on it. Since we live in an earthquake prone area, securing it is important. It’s also our emergency supply of food for any type of disaster.

I love the feeling of knowing that my family is taken care of.

My Own Mini Store in my Garage

We have been talking about buying a big pantry for the garage. When we shop, we stockpile items that we get on amazing deals. Our small kitchen pantry seems to be bursting at the seams to accommodate everything. So we finally splurged and bought ourselves this bad boy.
It’s 48 wide x 80 tall x 16 deep! It’s huuuge and it’s got 5 nice big shelves. We found it at Home Depot for $137. We used a 10% off coupon that they give out at the post office in their change of address packets. We also used a gift card for part of it. So we ended up paying about $95 out of pocket. I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal for a ton more storage. Now I have a place to store my stockpile of amazing deals. I love that anytime I need something, I can go to my own mini-store. I can just grab what I need that I got for at the very least half off. It’s way better than going out to the store and getting what I need when I need it and paying full price.